Main functions and abilities: Control of garage and gate with Bluetooth signal Open / close any type of automatic gates, garage doors or barriers with ErnestApp. Safe and comfortable use at home or at work Bluetooth system 2016 and three-level safety system guarantees safe and fast communication of your device with the ERNEST device. Controls both doors, gates and barriers at home and at work. Use and control an unlimited number of devices Irrespective of how many ERNEST devices have been installed for the specific garage doors, gates and barriers, you can always control them comfortably using one application, as well as adding additional ERNEST devices to your ErnestApp profile for use. Opportunity to add and authorise access for several users Using the ERNEST HOME smart assistant, you do not have to worry about the status, location or number of batteries. At any time, you can assign or cut off access for a specific installed ERNEST HOME device to users of your choice. Only the owner of the device may authorise other users for use. Connect all ERNEST devices with one application With ErnestApp, you can control and manage any ERNEST device for both home and vehicle, which you are authorised to use. Forget about key bundles, security chips and consoles.